About us

About us

Hey Champion! So you wanna know about us ?

First, Let us welcome you on LOOT ALERT, what would you like Chai or Coffee? or what about something cold??

? So, make yourself comfortable before I start telling you my story and I promise, I won’t make it boring.

Some 2 years ago, I started a WhatsApp Broadcasting Channel of sending deals and offers to people. Slowly people started connecting to the channel and it was growing fast.

People liked our services and they tells their friends, family members about my channel and now we have 10k+ users on WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram & more on other platforms and it is increasing.

We offer our Free services via various Social media Channels like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger etc. Where users get free Loot Alerts of Online Shopping Offers, Deals, Loot, Free Sample etc. but unlike others, we are different.

We pick only good deals which sometimes makes our users wondering.

I’d recommend you to try these services as they are absolutely free:

Wanna check what our users say? – Check our social media forums:

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful journey with us!

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