How to check if my Mobikwik Data is Leaked in Data Breach?

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Everyone is talking about recent MobiKwik Data breach and sharing this news and sharing links of TOR Browser, Dark Web, Mobikwik Database Check link with friends and in social media groups.

So today, we will try to know what exactly the mean of breach and what can happen if this is truly a data breach?

So, as you might have already read that 3.5million users of mobikwik is now available for sale by ‘someone’ in the dark web.

As claimed by this anonymus hacker, The massive breach reportedly includes 36,099,759 files. Apart from this, the 8.2 TB data comprises 99,224,559 user phone numbers, email, hashed passwords, addresses, bank accounts and card details.

At first you maybe thinking that this is impossible or someone is trying to make fun. But if you will visit the link and lookup your data provided by this geek, you will be shocked seeing your details.

How to check your details if that is also leaked in this Mobikwik database breach:

Note: Content on this article is only for awareness of people and to educate them to keep their details safe.

To access the link you will need “TOR Browser” which is used to access dark web links.

After you download, just click on connect button and it will make a private connection between you and internet so you can access any link on the internet.

Now copy-paste below link in TOR Browser and it will open up a portal like website ending with domain “Onion”

Just enter your mobikwik reg. number or email address and you will be shocked to see the details.

It includes every single detail like: Your linked Email, Mobile Number, Address, KYC Details, Cards that were used on Mobikwik, Bank Account Details etc.

Even after these information, Mobikwik is claiming that there is no such breach happened. Here is their reply which they published on Moneycontrol Website

“Some media-crazed so-called security researchers have repeatedly attempted to present concocted files wasting precious time of our organization as well as members of the media. We thoroughly investigated and did not find any security lapses. Our user and company data is completely safe and secure,”

As we know, as a brand mobikwik cannot accept this fact untill there are solid proofs which their management will consider or any other law body’s decision.

But for your safety, you can:

  • Disable International Transactions on your cards
  • Set a limit on Transactions
  • Change the PIN Number etc.
  • Apart from above, what is important is if you have same password for other websites too then must change them too.

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